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Solar Electricity

Converting to solar electricity is a great way to begin a company's efforts of being more environmentally responsible. It will help save thousands of dollars a year in energy expenses, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase the company's green market value. Our countries dependence on foreign sources of energy has driven the costs of conventional energy consumption sky high in recent years. As a result more and more individuals and companies are looking for alternative energy sources. They are taking their own initiative to investigate and implement these alternatives and they are starting to see impressive results. Even our state and federal governments have taken notice and slowly started to focus on change. They are offering rebates and incentives never seen before. With the right qualifications a person or commercial business can be eligible for as much as 78% of the total cost being covered. Being responsible for barely a quarter of the cost of materials and installation can be a great motivator for someone to make the change.

The installation of a solar electricity system on a home or business is relatively simple and fast. Depending on the size of the system the average installation time is about a week. That means within seven days you can start saving money. In some instances there is even money to be made. There are certain states that will cut a check for the amount of energy that was saved by not being hooked up to the local power grid. The California solar initiative is one of the most reputable in the country and they are one of the more successful states in getting its citizens to change to solar electricity. The use of solar panels in San Diego County is on the rise as the rebates and incentives offered by the state are only available for a certain time.

The longer you wait the more you will have to pay out of pocket for the system and installation. A typical solar system will last up to twenty five years with proper upkeep and maintenance. In that time an average home with a monthly bill of around $300 can save over one hundred thousand dollars. If that is for an average family home than imagine what a business could save a year. The return on investment for anybody thinking of changing to a renewable energy source is fantastic and not exploring the options would be a disservice to you. We proudly serve the following areas:

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