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Irvine Commercial Solar Power

The use of commercial solar power is becoming more and more prevalent in California. The states solar initiative has seen an increase in local businesses, government, and educational institutions converting to a renewable energy source. There are two great reasons why as well, saving money and reducing pollution. California is trying to take control of their environment and make it cleaner, and less dependent on polluting energy sources. They have seen first hand the damage they have caused through the reduced quality of the air they breathe and water they drink. They are now one of a handful of states leading the charge to becoming cleaner and more environmentally responsible.

California solar rebates and incentives are at an all time high for now, but the amount of money available for distribution to businesses is limited so acting fast is a necessity. The federal and state governments have allocated billions of dollars in the recently signed Recovery Act for conversion to Irvine commercial solar power. Qualifying for the money is not hard either. Just fill out some paperwork, and within days you will know exactly if and how much you can receive. Savings on the system and the installation can be significant. As much as 78% of the total cost can be covered by the incentives and rebates. At the end of the year the federal government allows you to deduct up to 30% off your federal tax return. The savings are almost immediate. As soon as the DC current inverter is activated your business can be receiving all of its power from the sun. Extra energy is stored for the evening and those rainy days, and any unused power from the electric company's grid is sent back. In some states you can even receive a check from the power company for the electricity you generated and sent back to them.

Changing to a renewable energy source is something all of us should be considering. Whether it is for our home, car, or business it can be a great way to save some money and save the environment we all depend on. Our energy consumption is only going to increase and furthering our dependence on our natural resources and foreign energy sources is only going to drive costs through the roof. With the support of the federal and local governments California's solar initiative is starting to make a difference and show others that it can be done affordably and induce savings monetarily and environmentally. We proudly serve the following areas:

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