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Your Financial Benefits

Solar power is an excellent investment. There are many financial benefits to installing solar. You can not find a financial product that will give you a better return on investment then solar power.

Save On Electric Bills

Solar power will dramatically reduce your electric bill. Any excess power your solar system generates during the day can be sold to the utility company at high peak rates, when their demand from other customers is at its highest. As you sell your electricity, your meter actually spins backwards! At night you draw energy back from the utility grid, but at low off-peak rates. You buy low and sell high! How much you off set your utility bill is based on your family's electricity usage and the size of your solar system. Your Southwestern Solar Systems solar consultant will help you design the system that is right for you.

With our partner Clean Power Finance, you can install solar without the high upfront cost. Your payment plus your lower electric bill is typically less than your current electric bill, so you can save money from the moment you start.

Government Incentives Reduce your Cost

State and Federal governments are offering terrific incentives to encourage homeowners and business to switch to solar. State governments offer rebates that directly reduce the price of solar. In many states, the rebate amounts are dropping as often as every few months. It makes financial sense to act quickly to reserve your rebates while they are still available. The federal government allows you to deduct 30% of your system cost off your federal tax return at year end.

Your Southwestern Solar Systems solar consultant will identify which state rebates and federal tax credits you can take advantage of to maximize your savings. Let us design your financial package to incorporate all of the government incentives to lower your monthly payments.

Lock In Low Electricity Rates

On average, electricity prices have increased about 5% per year for the last 30 years. When you choose solar, you lock in low electricity prices and are no longer dependent on foreign oil or a volatile energy market. As utility rates continue to rise in the future, your investment becomes increasingly valuable.

Positive Return On Investment

Solar is a smart financial decision. Depending on how you chose to pay for your system, you can experience an immediate return on your investment. For instance, with the right loan your monthly payback can be immediate!

Solar Increases the Value of Your Home

A recent study from the Appraisal Institute demonstrated that the selling price of homes increased by $20 for every $1 decrease in annual utility bills.
We would always recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great Contractor to work with.
David Woodson
Their staff is highly skilled and very easy to work with. They are so knowledgeable in every aspect of renewable energy.
Mark Felio
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