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Commercial Solar

Using commercial solar panels to power a business is a great solution to high energy costs. The fuel and electricity rates continue to increase with our ever deepening dependence on foreign sources of fuel. We do not have control of enough oil to keep things level for long so alternatives must be explored. Countries all across Europe have learned a painful lesson with their energy costs, and have started to take the lead in using renewable power. Wind farms have sprouted up across farmlands and in the oceans. Huge solar panel fields help generate power for some of the planets largest cities. Rooftop after rooftop is adorned with photovoltaic panels allowing people to have more control over their fuel costs. Going green and being environmentally responsible is a trend that is catching on fast across the world. In the not so distant future we realize there will start to be shortages of our precious natural resources and taking action now will hopefully make the future a little brighter. The largest consumers of polluting fuels are companies. As a whole they spend billions of dollars a year on power. So it would make sense to encourage them to change to commercial solar. Doing so will make a large impact on the environment and set an example for others to follow. California has taken their negative impact on the environment seriously, and now requires more of their home and business owners. Utility companies are now required to generate more and more of their power from renewable sources. New laws have been signed requiring power companies to pay for small solar systems electricity and to pay solar system owners for the excess electricity generated and returned to the main power grid. The federal government's Recovery Act has earmarked billions of dollars for home and commercial business owners to convert. Incentives and rebates are at an all time high. As much as 78% of the total cost of a solar energy system can be covered for qualified applicants. Currently on 50,000 homes and businesses in California produce solar electricity. With the new incentives and rebates this number is sure to increase dramatically. The installation of an average size system is only about a week, and savings will been seen immediately. The low cost allows for a quick return on the investment and the savings in monthly energy bills will be significant. We proudly serve the following areas:

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