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Commercial Solar Energy

California has become a leader among the states in pushing for a change to solar energy. The initiative has been the focus of many discussions in state and local governments. The quickly rising fuel rates, which only increase our countries dependence on foreign sources of energy, have been a large factor in people seeking alternatives. Renewable energy technology has advanced dramatically over the decades since it was first introduced. The photovoltaic panels are now lighter, smaller, and more durable, allowing them to withstand harsh weather for approximately twenty five to thirty years with proper upkeep and maintenance.

Our methods emphasize preserving the environment, saving customers money on their electric bill, and getting one step closer to becoming energy independent. In the current economic climate businesses are looking for ways to keep their head above water and hold on to their livelihoods and those of their employees. Typically the business model changes to saving money rather than spending it. Cut costs wherever possible and hope it does not get so bad that layoffs are a necessity. With a little research owners will see that a small investment in renewable solar energy could convert into a large, money saving decision. A quote can be given within days from a reputable company and the installation is only about a week for the average size system. The change over is almost seem less with the inverter that is installed next to the electric meter. It easily converts the DC current generated by the solar panels into usable AC current. You will not even see the lights flicker as the change takes place. The system stores extra power for those cloudy days and anything not used get sent back to the city's power grid.

Many people may question spending possibly thousands of dollars in changing over to commercial solar energy. Well the simple answer is because the conversion will actually save you money. With all of the incentives and rebates that California is offering the actual out of pocket expenses for an installation can be just a fraction of the total cost. Savings can be up to 78% of the cost of the system. That means you only have to recoup 22% before you start seeing the savings. Companies will benefit greatly from the conversion as their energy consumption is so much larger than a home. The savings will relieve some of the financial pressure as well as set a positive example for the industry.

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