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The cost of commercial energy is rising at a steady rate due to our dependence on our natural resources. Our foreign sources of oil have tight control of the flow from one country to the next, and we are only headed for more trouble if we do not seek alternative ways to fuel or economy. Renewable and non polluting resources such as air, water, wind, and solar have long been explored as viable alternatives. For centuries our ancestors relied heavily on them, and were quite ingenious in their ways of exploiting them.

It has been a long, arduous road for proponents of alternative fuels and only in the last decade have they been successful in opening the eyes of our government and industry leaders. Ordinary people just did not see the benefit of converting to solar power because it was so expense and took so long to see any real return on their investment. Now with the latest technological advances and a real effort to promote change more and more homes and businesses are converting to renewable solar energy.

California has long been known as a state with some pollution issues. A few of the most famous cities in the world are well known not only for their beautiful beaches and people, but also for their smog and abuse of the environment. Their dependence on polluting natural resources has led them to now take one of the hardest stances on cleaning things up. The California solar initiative took a huge step this year with the passing of two very important laws. The first requires power companies to now pay for excess power generated by solar power systems that is returned to the grid.

The second requires the state's public utilities to pay for the electricity from small systems. Both of these were passed with the intention to help people see the benefits of converting. Incentives and rebates from the federal government's recently signed Recovery Act allow for never before seen savings to purchase and install a solar energy system. There are especially enticing incentives for businesses to change their commercial energy source. The cost to a consumer of a solar panel system in California can be a fraction of its actual cost due to all the money being offered to those willing to change. A significant savings is a reality within a short time of the conversion, and the saving will continue as these systems are designed to last twenty five years with proper upkeep.

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